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Letting Go With Energy Cord Cutting

Letting Go With Energy Cord Cutting

Letting go of what is no longer serving us is never easy, but it’s needed to be able to make room for new energy. Often, we hang on to hope that things will get better, acceptance of our situations, or fear of the unknown. So, it’s understandable why energy cord cutting brings up a lot of mixed emotions within clients. This is a healing process that I get the most questions about and many clients may be reluctant to this healing just out of fear of letting go of something they think they’re not ready to. My goal in this article is answer frequently asked questions about the service, bring to light the things that need healing, and empower you to let go of the things standing in your way that keep you from true happiness.

What are Energy Cords?

Cords are energy exchanges between people, events, or places. Think of it like a Bluetooth signal that keeps you connected. Occasionally you need to go to your setting and disconnect from things that aren’t relevant anymore. Names like cord cutting, dissolving, clearing, or removals of attachments are often described for this type of healing. They form when our aura is weakened and that’s then lower vibrating energy can leak in and get trapped. It can be from any kind of relationship, past situations, when we suffer from loss or grief, illness, or even past life karmic imbalances. This is perfectly normal and everyone has them. There are even positive cords, but no need to worry, those are not affected. When negative cords are formed it prevents you from moving forward, creates harmful pattern behaviors, and keeps you attached to negativity. When we interact with the world we are consistently sending and receiving energy signals and some of those interactions stick with us. It’s how we process our environment and this is why everyone has them.

Different Types of Cords

There are many different types of energy cords. Healers can sense them in all different ways and some use different techniques to remove them. The good thing is that you don’t need to get bogged down with the details or figure out which ones to remove because the healer takes care of that and healthy cords are not be affected. Some of the most common cords that I have come across are created from past traumas, karmic imbalances, ill wishing or cursing, lineage, relationships, entities, hooks, and past issues we have not yet completely dealt with.

How Do You Know If You Have Cords?

Everyone has energy cords. It is completely normal and it helps us relate to one another. Because a lot of cords are stored with our body for long periods of time, it might feel quite normal to you. It’s usually not until we can’t go on the same way anymore that we even become aware of them. The real question is how to tell if you have negative cords bringing you down. Here are some signs:

  • Feeling tired or depleted energy.
  • Feelings of being stuck, sadness, or lingering depression.
  • Continuous thoughts, dreams, speaking often about a person or situation.
  • Compromised immune system, behavioral patterns, addition tendencies. 

How Cords and Hooks Form

There are many theories on how or why attachments form, but from an energetic level most healers agree that subconsciously you are allowing these lower energies to attach. Empaths tend to have more cords due to the fact they lack boundaries and people take advantage of their sympathy. As well as narcissistic people due to the fact that they are manipulative and don’t really want people to over them. Unfortunately, these types of people often attract each other. Cords tend to form when our aura is weakened and lower vibrations can get in. Hooks form when we willing give up our power to someone and boundaries are crossed.

What It Does to Relationships or Experiences

As much as I wish this healing would fix our relationships or traumas, it doesn’t. Nothing can interfere with free will choice or destiny, so it can’t do anything to change relationships or situations. Then, there are some people we want to continue to interact with but we want let go of past negativity and allow more flow of good energy. What this healing does is helps the client detach from the outcome, emotional triggers, bring clarity to their circumstances, and empower them to take back their energy. This helps release its hold on the client in order to move forward. We can’t change the past but we can change our perception and learn important lessons in order to move on and bring healing. Some clients that had difficulties from past relationships have either been able to pick up the pieces and move on with greater ease or sometimes the people come back into their lives and it has made their relationship that much stronger. I’m always intrigued with the question about how it affects the people we are cutting cords with, since these are the people that have usually mistreated the client in the past. Most of the time, the other people are not as affected since they’re not as self-aware as the client. But occasionally, others can become more negative since the client is no longer feeding them their positive energy. This is their journey too and sometimes it’s the “kick in the pants” they need to change too, but you cannot interfere with their life lessons.

How it Differs from Other Healings

Though it may seem similar to other Reiki healing, this type of healing is done on a cellular level. It’s a very intense and deep healing that helps release a lot of energy that has been with the client for a long time. I particularly like using crystals that are specifically for releasing things trapped in the aura. Then I use Reiki energy to heal the gaps that are created from when these things are released and seal the aura so the cords don’t form right back. Many of my clients have reported experiencing things like extreme dizziness, nausea, trembles, and being very emotional. Though this isn’t the most pleasant experience while happening, after there is a sense of release, peace, lightness, and the feeling of being ready to move on. Since cords are actually a free will choice, I only encourage a client to seek this type of healing when they are truly ready or have no other option but to move forward.

Why You Should Do This Healing Even IF Things Are Going Well?

Not all cords are bad, a matter-of-fact energy cords help us form deep connections and understanding of one another. By cutting past cords, we make room for new and better energy to fill us more. Let’s face it, there are always ups and downs in all relationships and life still happens. By removing the negativity within ourselves it allows us to reset and gives us a fresh clean slate to build on a stronger foundation on. This helps us to be the best versions of ourselves. The results I have seen with clients that wanted to heal their relationships are remarkable. It helps build stronger healthy cords and release past negative situations.

How Often Should You Do This Healing?

Only the client can be the best person to determine when or how often Energy Cord Cutting will be appropriate for them. I know that it only takes one session to release the cords that are attached at that moment, but there are other factors that might require other sessions later on. One is when the client wasn’t really ready to let go, when this happens the cord forms right back since it’s a free will choice. The other times is when new cords form. Since we’re always interacting with new people or past people resurface, these are newer developed cords and are easier to get rid of. Then there are cords where we still have to interact with the very people we are trying to cut ties with, like family, co-workers, or other relationships. We want to heal the bond with them but not end it. Or places and events like work, where we have to continue to interact. This is on a case-by-case bases, but either we remove the cords after a negative situation happens or schedule it for around every 3-6 months until healed.

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