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Protection 101: Part-One                                  Basic Ways to Cleanse Your Aura

Protection 101: Part-One Basic Ways to Cleanse Your Aura

When I first started on my spiritual journey I was lost on the road and didn’t know where to start. I wanted to learn more about protection but was overwhelmed with information. It can be hard to even know what keywords to search for. Now after years of studying, I wanted to pass on the information in a simplified way to help empower you to explore the unknown and feel safe while opening yourself up energetically. I found that many of my clients were trying to do more advance techniques without knowing the basics. As the old saying goes, “You have to learn to walk before running.” In this three-part blog, we’ll explore how to first cleanse your aura, then how to protect it, then take a deeper dive into what kinds of different energies you might need to protect yourself from. If you don’t learn the basics then you could be opening up gateways that can be very vulnerable.

Cleansing Techniques:

Before you place a protection barrier in place, you must cleanse your aura first. If you skip this step then you will be locking all energy within a very tight space. Please note that all techniques are always only temporary. How long it is installed depends on many factors. The more you cleanse your aura, the better you’ll feel, the less you’ll have to worry about absorbing negative energy, and the more your vibration will naturally rise.

White Light: Possibly the most well-known ways to cleanse your energy is with the power of visualization. Most people see it as white light but I tend to see it as more golden, like a sun ray. This light is Source Energy that is all around us. As you start your meditation, take several deep inhales, and invite the light to start to shine down on you. Imagine the light brighter and whiter than anything you’ve ever seen. Allow it to descend into your crown chakra, starting at the top of your head and then slowly moving down your entire body. As you become more cleansed you may start to feel warm or a tingling sensation. Just keep allowing the light to flow through you until your shining bright. You can even do this outside and allow the sun or moon to cleanse you.

Chi (Qi) Ball: This powerful cleanser is similar to the white light but is know as a Chi or Qi ball. It is typically seen as a sparkling gold ball of light and has the ability to cleanse your aura as well as restores the Chi back within the body. It removes blockages so the energy can flow more freely. As you center yourself, take several deep inhales, and invite the Chi ball into your energy field. It sometimes pauses at the crown chakra before it starts to descend. This high vibration travels down the main meridian pathway, where the main seven chakras reside. The key is to follow the ball as it continues to travel down your body.  

Shower Cleansing: This is a very easy way to cleanse your aura. Water is very cleansing. As you shower ask Mother Earth to help you release any energy that doesn’t belong to you. Imagine that there’s a layer of dirt on your skin, as you start to let the water flow over your body, encourage your aura to open and allow the water to get to the deeper layers. The water may start to change colors. This could be to help balance certain chakras or restore energy using color therapy. Don’t try to analyze it, just welcome whatever you may be experiencing. Some people even like to take it one step further by using salt, which absorbs negative energy. You can take a bath and place kosher or Epsom salt in the water or there’s even body washes with Epsom Salt already in them. As the water drains down, ask Mother Earth to please accept it and transmute it into positivity.

Sound Clearing: This is best done with actual instruments such as bells, tuning forks, drums, or singing bowls. A sound bath healing session can be a powerful experience. If you don’t have access to those things, you can listen to binaural beat music. The most common frequency for cleansing is 417hz. To get the full effect listen with headphones. As the music plays, imagine the tones are like radio waves of energy the run through your body and break up any stagnant energy. 

Smudging: This is the easiest technique that requires little to no skill at all. It is also one of the most well-known ways to cleanse anything. Even ancient Egyptian and Roman civilizations used this to ward off evil. Even though there’s so many different types of herbs to burn, they’ll all do the trick. White Sage and Palo Santo are the most common. The key is to open up the windows so that the energy can be released. Some people even like to say a prayer while doing it. This cleansing is best for stagnant energy, that’s why people use it to cleanse a space. It is mild and may not work if used for more extreme cases like removing a spirit from your house or aura. 

Crystals: There are so many crystals that are great for cleansing. The most popular are Selenite, Kyanite, Smoky Quartz, and Citrine. When using crystals there’s a wide variety of ways to use them. First always make sure they are cleansed before use. Kyanite and Citrine never need cleansing but all other crystals do. Please note that some crystals cannot be used in water. Then you must program them to have a purpose. Programming crystals requires more skill. Crystals have a consciousness and demand respect. If you don’t honor them then you won’t connect with your crystal and they may be subject to misuse. Everyone has they’re own way to connect with crystals. Do your homework, study their properties, put them in a sacred place and cleanse them regularly. Wearing them as jewelry tend to be the easiest way. Using them while doing meditations, carrying tumble stones, and placing them around your home or office can be very effective.

As you can see there are so many ways to cleanse your aura. These are only a few simple techniques. There’s no right way, only what works best for you. It’s all done with the power of intention.  These things take practice and mindfulness. If you don’t think it’s working, then you might not be believing in your own capabilities and might need to heal some areas around empowerment, self-worth, or boundaries. The key is to know that anyone can do these techniques. Just keep trying different ways until you find what works best for you. Make it a habit and have fun experimenting. No harm can come from these cleansings, but they need to be practiced regularly to be fully effective.

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