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Protection 102: Part-Two                                Protecting Your Energy Field

Protection 102: Part-Two Protecting Your Energy Field

In today’s world, it’s difficult to feel safe all the time. Our brains are hardwired to consistently process our surrounding to evaluate whether or not our environment is safe. Though in certain times, it’s good to have this skill like while driving or doing things that could harm us. Most of the time, it prevents us from getting out of our comfort zone and experiencing new things. When I first started tapping into my spiritual gifts, I was hesitant to open myself up in fear of negative energies. The more protected you feel the more you can look at fear as a friend that makes you stronger. In this three-part blog, we first explored ways to cleanse the aura and now we talk about how to install a protective barrier around your aura. Then, in the final part we discuss the different types of energies that you should protect yourself from. I always believe there’s never a right way to do these practices, so do whatever feels more empowering. It’s all done through the power of intention, so go with whatever resonates stronger with you.

Protection Techniques:

Once you have cleansed your aura, it’s time to install a protective barrier. Remember that you must cleanse first or you’ll just lock in any energy within it. Most of these techniques are pretty universal but there are a few that are used for particular situations. Just like cleansing, these are always only temporary. How long it last depends on many different factors but if it crosses your mind, it might be time to start again.

Crystals: There are so many crystals that you can use for protection. I find that most black, white, and gold color crystals will do the job, but always look up the properties of a crystal before working with them. The most common are Obsidian, Amethyst, Citrine, Red Jasper, and Shungite. You can use them just as you would for cleansing. Wearing them as jewelry seems to be the easiest way, but you can always carry tumble stone or place them around your space to provide energy for the room.

Rainbow: After cleansing your aura, imagine that a rainbow with all the beautiful colors comes down from the heavens and descends down your crown chakra. Then it starts to wash all over your body, allow it to travel into Mother Earth to give her some love too. Once the rainbow energy has passed around your entire aura it creates a multi-colored shield all around you. The different colors help protect against different energies.

Talisman: A talisman is an item or trinket that many people have used since the dawn of time. Many people like to have a lucky trinket, even a crystal could be considered one. In order for it to work, you must buy it with the intention that it’s an item for protection. Then, you must bless it and ask for the highest level of protection. There are so many stories out there, like when a house burns down and all that survived was the family bible. The only issue I have with this protection is that you’re giving the power to an item to keep you safe and if you lose it or forget it, you could be left without a shield.

Lead Door: With this powerful technique, it’s best if used only in situations that you know you’ll be safe. It’s best used around people that tend to drain your energy or people you dislike but know they won’t harm you. When installing, imagine that you are closing a lead door between you and the other person. Make sure you only use it on one or two sides of you. When using a lead door, it blocks everything, so if you are in real danger you might not get the warning signs. That’s also why you don’t want to use it completely around you, it will block out all energies.

Bubble: Possibly the most well-known of the protections. It goes well with the white light cleansing. After you finished your cleansing then you imagine that a bright white light starts to create a bubble that you sit in. You can even ask that an angel or guide help hold and stabilize the bubble. Make sure to ground yourself first or you might feel very floaty or spacey while in it. Once you get familiar with this technique you can start to play around with the bubble. You can draw it in closer to help you “blend in better” and almost become invisible to the rest of the world or expand it to gain a wider buffer zone and give your energy more room to move around.  

Disco Ball: An interesting technique to use with people that are always trying to “throw you shade”. These people are always trying to bring you down or under mind you. Imagine that you install several plates of mirrors that link together, facing outward and you’re in the middle, like a disco ball. Use with caution because what it does is reflects the energy that others project onto you and returns it back to the sender. It sounds great but if you have someone that is always negative towards you and hold up a mirror and send it back, it goes back ten folds and now you have someone who’s even more aggressive. Sometimes it can be good to give someone a taste of their own medicine, it can help them take a hard look at their reflection but if they’re not one to be honest with themselves it will only make them more bitter. Whenever using this, try not to use it too often.

Angelic Protection: The highest level of protection. Working with angels can be the most awarding experience but many struggle to connect with them. If this is true for you, then you might need healing around self-worth. I find this the easiest since they are the ones doing all the work, but it takes a lot of trust on your part. It starts with just welcoming your angels, everyone has a least one angel assigned to them at all times. But like any other energy they have to be invited into your space. I like to start off by welcoming and thanking them for being present. Remember that it’s always ok to ask for what you need, nothing is too big or too small. That’s what they’re here for and love to be at service. You can even call on specific angels for more targeted challenges. Archangel Michael is known for his protection and is beloved by first responders, that’s why you’ll see his image on many crests. Just know that angels are very high vibration and often come with many sensations. Welcome any feelings that come up.

After learning these basic techniques, I encourage you to modify them as you see fit. Remember the more protected you feel the more empowered you become and the more you can face life’s challenges with a sense that you will be ok in the end. For the empaths of the world this will help you to be able to interact with others and not feel so drained, tired, and have more energy to do the self-care that’s needed. Everyone is different in how often they need to do these cleansing and protection techniques. The more sensitive you are to energy the more you will need to do these practices. Try making it part of your morning or evening routine and I bet you’ll start to feel a shift in your energy and mindset.  

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