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Protection 103: Part-Three                                   Protect Yourself From Negative Influences

Protection 103: Part-Three Protect Yourself From Negative Influences

Before we dive deeper into the subject of protection, I recommend that you read my previous blogs Protection 101: Basic Ways to Cleanse Your Aura and Protection 102: How to Protect Your Energy Field before continuing on. It’s important to remember what Kyle Gray always says, “Where love is present, fear is a stranger.” Love is the highest vibration we can get too and fear is the lowest. For educational purposes, we have to learn about the good and the bad for more empowerment. I know that many people don’t believe in or want to talk about negative energy in fear that it can attract things to us. But I feel the more educated we are, the better we can protect ourselves. In this blog we’ll talk about negative influences, the different types of things you have to learn to protect yourself from, and how to defend yourself from those energies.*

Psychic Attacks:

The people are also known as psychic vampires. They are people that drain your energy. This is one of the most common negative influences everyone will encounter several times in their lives. It is also one of the most difficult to recognize in the moment but the effects will make themselves known pretty clear once you know the symptoms. No matter how protected you are, your aura might be breached due to the fact that it usually comes from the people that are closest to you. The good thing is that it’s not malicious and the psychic vampire usually isn’t even aware they’re doing it. It can leave you feeling drain, depressed, or even in physical pain. The reason this happens so frequently is because we let our barriers down around the people we care about. At that time their negative energy creeps in and gets trapped in the aura. Afterwards, they feel great and more energized and your left feeling terrible.

Defense: Cleanse your aura and place yourself in a white bubble before if you already know they’re a psychic vampire. You can just set the bubble every morning if your someone who absorbs a lot of energy or if you’re going to be around a lot of people that day. If you do recognize this is happening in the moment, excuse yourself then cleanse your aura before setting the bubble. Smudging is great if you notice the effects later on. There are also tons of crystals that help prevent this, amethyst is the most popular. My personal favorite thing I learned from my teacher is a mantra, “If this is not mine, please take it away.” You really have to mean it but you don’t have to analyze if it’s your energy or the other persons. If you feel the effects dissipate, then you crossed paths with a psychic vampire.  

Deceased Spirits:

Most people are terrified at the thought of seeing a ghost. Then there are those who have always wanted to see one, then when they finally do, they are changed forever from the experience. As a medium, I’ve seen them my whole life and they are just a part of my world. Now I just acknowledge them and move on. It’s kind of funny because sometimes they’ll notice that I see them and get scared and take off.  Most of the time they aren’t out to get you, they are just curious, want to communicate, or need help crossing into the light. But if they haven’t crossed into the light their energy is vibrating so low, they often have a sense of high anxiety and it can send a person into fear when they sense their presence. Also having dead people around too much can give you health problems.

Defense: Remember you’re alive and they are not. You are way more powerful. You have the right to kick anyone or anything out of your house that doesn’t belong. It’s time to get angry! Don’t worry about upsetting the spirit or sending away good energies like a deceased loved one or a spirit guide. If it was good energy, it will come back in a gentler way. If it is a deceased person and unless you’re a medium that specializes in assisting souls, they have no business being around you. Start with acknowledging it but not engaging with it, this is not the time to open up for dialog. Since they are vibrating at a low frequency, they feed off fear, don’t give them power over you. Know that these are just dead people and they have no special powers. Do whatever you can to raise your vibration. Get angry (even anger is a higher vibration) or if you can go to a higher emotion than good for you. Most people find it difficult to jump from fear to love and that’s why anger is an easier emotion to express. Then demand that the energy leave your house right away. Eventually spirits stop coming to you because you’re not giving the energy they need to survive. If you are still having difficulties removing the spirit on your own then you have to contact a professional medium to remove it. This happens when the spirit hasn’t crossed over and they are in need of serious aid.


There are many different levels of curses. They can range from everyday people wishing negative things known as “Evil Eye” to extreme rituals that place hexes on bloodlines that can go on for generations or even carry on with the person to their next reincarnation. Now a days they are becoming less common because less people are superstitious but occasionally, I do come across them. It usually starts with crossing paths with the wrong person, then a string of bad luck, health problems, and then it can manifest into wrecking the person’s life and even trickling down to anyone else close to them.

Defense: The best place to start is to avoid being a target. Treat everyone as you wish to be treated. I respect both the light and the dark, one could not exist without the other. Everyone sometime in their life has been both the perpetrator and the victim, we’re only human. Sometimes there are random attacks. These can come from unusual sources, so don’t accept gifts from strangers or items from people that you don’t have a good re-pour with. Don’t open mail, email, or text messages from people you don’t know. I once had a client that was a victim of an attack that came through as a DM on their social media account. Be cautious of anything you buy or inherit that was previously owned by someone else. If you do discover there’s a curse, realize it takes a while before it starts to do damage. It needs you to believe in it to feed off your fear and that’s why they aren’t as common anymore. Seek the help of a professional healer or wiccan, be cautious though because people in the industry might try to scam you and it should never cost you an arm and a leg to get a curse removed.


This is a difficult subject to discuss since people in the field don’t all agree on what the energy really is. I believe it is because sometimes there are different energies that could manifest into poltergeist activity. Poltergeists usually manifests in different ways like noises within the home, objects moving on their own, or even the energy attacking the people that live in the house. It’s usually isolated in a particular location. Over the years that I’ve been doing house cleansings, I’ve come across many poltergeist portals. If I can eliminate the fact that it could be from other negative energies then it’s apparent that there’s a poltergeist. When this happens it’s like there’s a build-up of negative energy that starts to manifest and take on a form of its own consciousness. The longer it goes on the larger it becomes.

Defense: The good thing is that this is not actually an entity, it’s a build-up of collective negative energy that becomes very powerful. It can open vortexes and let other things inside. The difficult thing is you need a professional, like a Reiki Master, to get rid of the portal. It requires commitment from the people living in the house to keep it from re-forming. Nine times out of ten it is what’s known as psychokinesis or PK manifestations. The people living in the house are feeding this vortex negative energy and it becomes so powerful it takes on a force of its own or worst lets in other outside influences. The effort on the client requires lifestyle changes and maybe even counseling. So, unless you want to keep hiring a professional every few months to cleanse your house, it’s time to do some deep soul searching.      


Elementals are supernatural creatures that embody the power of nature. There are four different categories each associated with the elements of our planet; Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. There are positive elementals like fairies, mermaids, and unicorns. There are also negative elementals like skin walkers, rakes, and night crawlers. They are mostly associated with folklore and it seems that each culture and region have their own version. Some see them as more spiritual energy, while others see them as physical beings. They are not immortal but are known to live much longer than humans. It’s believed that once they die their species become extinct forever or perhaps that’s when they take on a more spiritual form.

Defense: These supernatural creatures are not a force to be reckoned with regardless of what criteria they fall under, even fairies are known to be very territorial. They are connected to the land and seem to stay within their region but as humans take over more of their habitat, we might start to cross paths more. The best thing to do is treat them like wild animals. Avoid places that they are known to occupy. If you do cross paths with one get out right away. If you happen to live in an area that the creature roams the best thing you can do is hire a professional Shaman or Reiki Master to set up a spiritual barrier. Depending on what kind of elemental you’re dealing with and certain folklore; you may be able to make an offering to please the creature, always outside of your home or where the creature resides. Remember, these things have been there long before you. No one wants to be pushed out of their home. Treat them with respect, never get too close, and more than likely you’ll learn to co-exist.

Dark Entities:

Dark entities are an umbrella term we use for the worst of the worst. They have never been alive and don’t typically walk amongst us. They reside in a much darker place but can enter our world. They still must follow universal law; they cannot enter without permission and cannot interfere with free will choice. They seek only one thing… souls. The way they typically gain access is through temptation or extremely powerful people working for the dark side that can open portals that cast them to a person, place, or thing.

Defense: There are different levels of evil and attachments. It usually starts with oppression and moves into possession. The good thing is that it’s rarer than you think, I have only come across it once in my life and that was enough for me. When I encountered it, I had the sense that my life was in immediate danger and it knocked me off my feet (literally). The bad news is that if you do have one attached to you there isn’t much you can do except get help from a professional team. You need to seek a demonologist, a holy person, and a spiritual healer. You need the team to forcibly remove the entity and the healer to seal your aura so it can’t come back. In Jewish mythology, it is believed that you can trap an entity in what is known as a Dybbuk Box. I have seen one once and I felt the same fearful sensation. The box has two small doors that open in the middle and it is sealed with wax so it can’t escape. As long as the seal is not broken, then the entity inside is trapped forever. I don’t recommend this unless you know what you’re doing, even then you have to decide what to do with the box. 

I hope that by reading this article you feel more empowered and that none of you will ever need this information. Just know that you are a strong being of light and you are loved. You have a spiritual team that is always there for you and you do not have to face this alone. If you ever need help please reach out to a professional with an outstanding reputation in the field.

*Disclaimer: I do not claim to be an expert in any fields that don’t align with being a Reiki Master or Psychic-Medium. All of the information gathered here are from various sources including research, what my spiritual team has informed me, and personal experiences. By reading this article it does no harm and cannot attract anything into your life. If you feel you are a victim of any of these categories know that you are a strong and loving being. You do not have to face this alone and should seek professional help. Thank you and many blessings…

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