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What Angel Numbers Mean

What Angel Numbers Mean

Ever wondered why you keep seeing the same numbers? What the meaning behind 11:11 is when you look at the clock? I’m Janelle Magdaleno, certified psychic, medium, and reiki master. I’ve also studied under the wonderful teacher Mr. Kyle Gray, who is a leading pioneer in angel communication and author of the book Angel Numbers. Many of the references will come from his book, it’s a wonderful tool for number definitions. After years of working with clients to help them connect with their spiritual team, one of the most common questions I get is about seeing repeating numbers. In this blog we talk about how to connect with your angelic team, how to look for signs from your angels, and what the meaning is behind some of the most common angel numbers.

Angel Numbers vs. Numerology

When working with numbers there are two main categories, angel numbers and numerology. Angel numbers are believed to be messages from your guardian angels and numerology is about universal and individual vibrations. Numerology is thought to originate from eastern philosophy and has been around for hundreds of years. When working with numerology there’s typically only one number with the exception of a few master numbers. So, if you’re seeing more than one number you would add them up until you get one number. Example would be 1111=4. In numerology, there’s a belief in lucky and unlucky numbers depending on the culture. Angel numbers are a newer concept born from more modern western philosophy. Angels love to get their messages across loud and clear so they tend to speak through number sequences, but not limited too. If you’re receiving a message from your angels and your seeing 1111, it really means you’re seeing 1 with an exclamation point on it. Angels always come with messages of hope, love, and compassion; never from a judgmental place.

How to Receive Messages from Your Angels

If you start looking for numbers then you might start looking for signs that aren’t really there. If your angel is really trying to give you a sign through numbers, they’ll keep sending them to you until you get the message. All you have to do is connect with them and ask them to show you a sign through numbers. Just like any other energy they have to be invited in. Just set the intention that you would like to communicate more with your angelic team and invite your angels in your life every day. If you’re still struggling to connect you may have some healing to do around self-worth, forgiveness, or religious beliefs.

Double and Triple Numbers

When you’re seeing numbers that are two, three, or even four of a kind it’s as if your angels are “shouting” that number at you. If you aren’t paying attention or putting it into action, you’ll start seeing the numbers more and more. The more you’re seeing those numbers the more your angelic team is trying to lead you to match that vibration. We are always looking at a clock, so it’s typical from them to speak to you through time. It can also happen through other sources like currency or license plates, but when it’s happening mostly with clocks it’s as if your angel is putting an emphasis on time. It’s a call to action so you don’t miss a window of opportunity, the clock is ticking. 

Mirror Numbers

Mirror numbers are when you are seeing the same numbers reflecting one another, as if there was a mirror in between them. An example would be if you look at the clock and you see 12:21 or 10:01. This is an invitation to reflect on your current situation. The numbers themselves can give insight as to which area of your life needs reassessing. First, try to identify which number stands out the most, then look at the second number. If the second number is less than the more significant number, then you may need to look back at the past to integrate it into the present. If the second number is greater than the significant number, it could indicate that you’re on the right track and to keep going to align your present situation for future growth.

Progression Numbers

Progression numbers are a sequence of numbers counting up or down. An example would be 12:34 or 5:43. These pattern numbers are a reflection on your spiritual journey. When the number patterns are getting larger your angels are encouraging you that you’re on the right path and to keep moving forward. They are showing you that your vibration is “leveling up” and matching your ascension process. When the numbers appear to be decreasing that could be an indication that your vibration rate is getting further away from your purpose. When you see a sequence that appear to be going in one direction but has one number at the end that goes in the opposite direction, such as 12:32, It means that you’re getting closer or further from your purpose but there’s either something holding you back or there was a “stumble” along the way. That is a good time to turn to your angelic team for guidance.

What It Means When You See 11:11

There are many different theories on what 11:11 on the clock means. Some people think it’s time to make a wish or set an intention. Others think that someone you love is thinking about you and you should kiss the clock. When I look at the clock and see that number what I really see is 1, a message about oneness. A reminder that we are all one. One God, one universe, one love, and one you. We are all one of the same, all come from the same place and return to the same place. That all things are interconnected in some form. In the Bible it says that we were all created in God’s image. I truly believe that when a new soul is created God “breaks off” a piece of its energy and places the soul into the baby. Only when we reach full enlightenment and there’s no need for reincarnation, we then return back to source energy and the cycle continues.

Simple Examples of What Numbers Mean

Here is a generalization of what a single digit number can mean. This can vary because I believe that Angels are going to speak your language. So, feel free to use your own interpretation but this could be a good reference if you’re still developing your own dictionary.

  • New beginnings. It’s important to be mindful about what “seeds” you’re planning because it can set the tone for the entire cycle. Fresh new energy.
  • Oneness. Remember that all things are interconnected so every move you make is going to take you closer or further from your purpose.
  • Union or partnership. Others will play a significant role. It’s important to surround yourself with the right people because they will either bring you closer or further from love.
  • Expansion. This is usually a busy time and there’s lots to get done. Sometimes it’s difficult to find balance but if you can, then you can harness a very powerful energy like a pyramid.
  • Balance. Usually, a more peaceful time and easier to balance life. Gifts are expanding. Foundational work is already in place. So, give yourself some rest.
  • Change. The angels are removing things that are no longer serving your purpose. It usually requires a lot of action but if you put in the work now it will lead you to a more abundant life. Flexibility is key to adapting.
  • Patience. Get your “house” in order and wait. After all the changes you need to let the dust settle. Don’t rush into any big decisions. Focus on adapting to all the changes.
  • Manifestation. Intention setting is required to manifest the life you dream. Planning is key. As long as your intention is for the highest good of all anything is possible.
  • Journey. Usually, a very prosperous and abundant time. There’s a lot of growth from spiritual lessons. Make sure to take time to reflect on how far you’ve come and enjoy the fruit of your loins.
  • Endings. Though endings can be difficult, your angels are unraveling what’s no longer serving your purpose. Holding on just makes it harder. Let go and trust that the next cycle gets you that much closer to your true path.

You can see there’s a progression as you move forward. Everything’s a cycle and everyone needs to go through this ascension process. Remember that you have a spiritual team that’s guiding you and offering their love and support. You can learn to navigate your spiritual journey by listening and trusting your angels. You are worthy, loved, and connected.

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