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The Power of Sound and Frequency Healing

The Power of Sound and Frequency Healing

This blog was created to introduce people to the world of sound and frequency healing in a very basic and simplified way. I do not consider myself an expert in this field but I do have an extensive background in music and energy healing. Like many of you, I was first introduced to music at a very young age. As children, we are taught nursery rhymes. Then in grade school many of us are introduced to some form of music such as school musicals, instruments, and dance. My journey really took off when I was about eleven years old. I learned to read music and play the flute. I joined classical symphonies, marching bands, and even a jazz group. I learned quickly and became very good early on. Just over the last few years I began to expand my knowledge around sound and frequency. It took me more into the field of science, which has never been my strong suit. Then as I continued my education, I found more like-minded people and that’s when I was able to integrate the science-based facts with wonders of creation. That’s when I really became more curious about how it works.

How it Works:

There’s a famous quote by Nikola Tesla, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” This is one of the most difficult things to comprehend when talking about the power of sound and healing. The reason for that is because everyone vibrates at their own frequency and connects with it in their own unique way. The main purpose is to clear out the body to help you tune into and enhance your own natural frequency to align with the universe. Think of a bee, without bees the world would seize to exist. This is because bees pollinate the world and help life grow. When a flower picks up the vibration of a bee nearby, it releases more fragrance and makes its nectar sweeter to attract the bee. Even though these two things are completely their own life form they work in harmony to contribute to the eco system as a whole. In that eco system they both play a small role but both contribute a great deal to nature. This is one example of how all things become connected and serve as one for the greater good. Without one the other would seize to exist. Each person contributes a great deal to the universe. No one life is more important than another. If we could raise and embrace our own vibration then we become more aligned and one with the universe. Sound helps our brain waves start to match the frequency that’s being played and activates the cells within our body. In simple terms, music helps us match the vibration being played. Just like the flower and the bee, the vibrations match up and enhance each other. In that moment they work in perfect harmony.

Brain Waves:

In order to truly understand how sound healing works you have to learn about how your brain functions. Depending on the different types of activities your mind is engaging in, it goes through different brain waves. Everybody needs to engage the full range of frequencies to remain balanced. Too much of one or too little will throw you off balance. If it remains that way for long periods of time it can lead to mental health issues such as depression or increased anxiety. Throughout the day your brain naturally goes through most, if not all, different brain waves without you even knowing it.

  • Delta waves: Deep sleep, REM sleep, dream state, or deep healing. Too little, your body can’t heal during sleep and will start to break down. Too much, you wouldn’t be able to wake up and fully function.
  • Theta waves: Relaxation, deep meditation, or when in the “creative zone”. Too little, you would have increased anxiety and lack of creativity. Too much, you would be constantly day dreaming or seen as someone who is “living in a fantasy world”.
  • Alpha waves: Stress relief or focusing the mind on a light task. Too little, you would struggle to complete tasks or lack basic motor skills. Too much, you would become a highly anxious person who might struggle to sit still or stop doing tasks.
  • Beta waves: Increased cognitional behavior or engaging the mind in activities. Too little, you would lack perseverance and would struggle to start tasks. Too much, you would start multiple tasks at once but may lack the ability to complete them.
  • Gamma waves: Peak awareness and extreme focus. Too little, would cause severe depression and be difficult to learn new things. Too much, can cause increase anxiety, overthinking, and in very extreme measures radiation poisoning.

Note Worthy Frequencies:

We measure sound and frequency in hertz. 1Hz simply means one cycle per second. If you listen to a clock tick, you would hear a click every second as the hand moves around the face. If a clock was set to 100Hz you would hear a higher pitch noise but the hand would still be moving one per second. In that one second you would have actually heard 100 of those clicks in one sound, so it would sound like one louder or higher frequency pitch. In music we call them notes because each instrument plays a wide range of frequencies. In order to play in harmony each instrument may hit the same note but the pitch may sound different. Notes are measured as A, B, C, etc..

  • 7.83Hz – Schumann Resonance or Earth’s frequency. Great for grounding and connecting to nature. Even though this is a very low frequency, it’s very powerful. A lot of connected people believe that Earth’s frequency is on the rise as magnetic north is shifting.
  • 136.1Hz – Om frequency is the sound of the universe or the word of God. It’s believed that in the beginning God spoke a single word, “Om” and that gave birth to creation and our universe came alive. Even though this is a very grounding frequency it’s also the mantra we use to open your crown chakra.
  • 417Hz – Releases negativity. This frequency is best for clearing out negative energy that is being stored in the body. It heals past trauma and clears the mind of negative thought processes. This is an excellent hertz for journaling or letting go of anything that is no longer serving.
  • 432Hz – The universe’s frequency. This hertz is truly universal. It blends well with other frequencies and musicians will often use it as a baseline. It’s good for sleep, relaxation, meditation, and healing. It activates the heart and upper chakras. If your new to sound healing, this is a good frequency to start with.
  • 528Hz – Love Frequency or also known as the frequency for positive miracles. This is such a pleasant sound. This is a wonderful frequency to raise your vibration. After all, love is the highest emotion we can go. Good for healing grief, self-love, compassion, or any other matters of the heart.
  • 741Hz – Detox and build Immunity. This hertz is best for the physical body. It helps build your immunity, reduces pain, and inflammation. It works with the subconscious mind to release negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, and resentment.
  • 963Hz – Higher Consciousness, also known as the frequency of oneness. This is a very high frequency, so if the higher pitch sounds bother you, work on more grounding then come back to it later. People often use this hertz to activate their pineal gland, astral travel, or connect with source energy.

I encourage you to experiment with different hertz in different ways. You can listen to binaural beats while meditating, relaxing, sleeping, or having it play in the background at work. There’s really no wrong way to infuse frequency into your everyday life but studies have shown that in-person sound healing is far more effective. One study tested a vile of blood to compare sound healing in-person vs. recording. After the in-person session the blood was tested and showed that it increased the oxygen and reproduced so many live cells that the machine couldn’t even count all of them. The point is this is a fun, easy, and effective way to heal.

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