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15 Tips to Remember & Reflect on Your Dreams

Throughout history artist, philosophers, inventors, and scientist have gained inspiration from their dreams. I was first introduced to dream interpretation in 2018 and over the last two years I have been taking a deeper dive and training to help analyze people’s nightly thoughts. Dreams are an amazing opportunity to explore our subconscious thoughts, feelings, and gain insight to navigating our […]

What Angel Numbers Mean

Ever wondered why you keep seeing the same numbers? What the meaning behind 11:11 is when you look at the clock? I’m Janelle Magdaleno, certified psychic, medium, and reiki master. I’ve also studied under the wonderful teacher Mr. Kyle Gray, who is a leading pioneer in angel communication and author of the book Angel Numbers. Many of the references will […]

Protection 102: Part-Two Protecting Your Energy Field

In today’s world, it’s difficult to feel safe all the time. Our brains are hardwired to consistently process our surrounding to evaluate whether or not our environment is safe. Though in certain times, it’s good to have this skill like while driving or doing things that could harm us. Most of the time, it prevents us from getting out of […]

Protection 101: Part-One Basic Ways to Cleanse Your Aura

When I first started on my spiritual journey I was lost on the road and didn’t know where to start. I wanted to learn more about protection but was overwhelmed with information. It can be hard to even know what keywords to search for. Now after years of studying, I wanted to pass on the information in a simplified way […]

The 6 Steps-Dos and Don’ts of Laws of Attraction

Most people of heard of laws of attraction and everyone has used it in some sort of way to make their dreams come true, whether it’s through setting goals or making a wish on a shooting star. But the universe isn’t a genie and if it was that easy no one would work to get anything done. LOA is about […]