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The 6 Steps-Dos and Don’ts of Laws of Attraction

The 6 Steps-Dos and Don’ts of Laws of Attraction

Most people of heard of laws of attraction and everyone has used it in some sort of way to make their dreams come true, whether it’s through setting goals or making a wish on a shooting star. But the universe isn’t a genie and if it was that easy no one would work to get anything done. LOA is about matching the vibration and learning to co-create with the universe. That old saying “like attracts like”. Many of you may have tried to use LOA and might have had some success. If you are still struggling with it then you might need to read about the dos and Don’ts of laws of attraction.

Step 1-Do: Identifying want you want and why

Sounds easy but this can be a difficult step. Some people want too much and some people believe we should be satisfied with what we already have. Take off the constraints and just dream what life would be like if you had enough money, time, freedom, etc… Leave out the who, want, where and let the universe take care of that. If this is your first time, try for something small and try different techniques until you find that works for you.

Step 1-Don’t: Try to manifest too many things at once or changing your mind

You can’t manifest a house one day and a new car the next. When you try too hard to manifest too many different things that you want, the messages get mixed and you can’t really dedicate the proper time. You don’t create the sacred space to connect with the universe and even if one or two things came true you probably already moved on to the next and missed being grateful for the things you do have.

Step 2-Do: Get Creative

There are so many ideas for laws of attraction. Like, vision boards, creation boxes, visualization, meditation, writing a new script; the list goes on… It doesn’t matter how you do it, it just matters that you do something to keep you imagining that you already have it. The more you can see yourself living your dreams the more your dreams come true. Whatever you choose, leave it where you’ll see it everyday to keep your focus.

Step 2-Don’t: Focus on what you don’t want

Yes, LOA can work both ways. All the universe only hears your projection. If you start trying to manifest something but deep down don’t believe it will happen or that you’re not worthy of something, then you’re just pushing it further away from you. It’s not enough to just want something, you have to be able to imagine as if you already have it. When you focus on the negative, you start to vibrate with negative then you start to attract negative.

Step 3-Do: Check in with your vibration

This can only happen once you really spend some time imagining what life would be like with what you’re trying to manifest. Let’s say your trying to manifest a new house. At first, the idea seems fantastic, I mean who wouldn’t want a beautiful house to live in? Then you start researching houses and finding out all the steps that come with the process or how expensive it is to upkeep and it starts to make you fearful, then your vibration rate goes down and you get further away from your dream. At that point, realize it’s not meant to be yet and move on to manifesting something more reasonable, like saving money to get the house. It’s ok to let some dreams go then come back to them later. Trust in divine timing.

Step 3-Don’t: Move down the emotional scale

It’s crucial that your able to tune into your feelings. If you move into a place of fear, sadness, or anger then you’re moving down the emotional scale. The goal is to feel happy, excited, and love; then you reach the tipping point and the shift really begins. It’s ok if you don’t feel excited right away when you start but it is important to notice which direction you’re moving on the emotional scale.

Step 4-Do: Co-create with the universe

When you’re trying to manifest you have to take action when opportunities present themselves. Just like that old saying, “God helps those who help themselves.” You can’t just wish for a new job and then not look for one. Also, you can’t force things that aren’t ready to flourish. This is when laws of attraction can become difficult to navigate. It’s a balancing act to know when to be patient and when to act and that’s why it’s so important to learn how to check in with yourself and trust your gut.

Step 5-Do: Let go of old stuff

I say this all the time, you only have so much capacity for storing energy. If you want to bring new things into your life you have to make room. It’s time to do a hard inventory for what needs to go and be prepared for the way it leaves. The more you resist letting go, the more the universe will take over and force the things out of your life that are no longer serving you. If you want more love, then be prepared to let the people go who aren’t providing that for you. If you aren’t prepared to really let those people go then you will learn harder lessons in the long run and eventually things will come to an end. So, be careful what you ask for.

Step 5-Don’t: Resist Change

Look, I get it change is usually not easy for anybody but think where you would be if you never changed anything. Nothing can stay the same forever. Once you start the process of manifesting you have to be prepared that your life is going to change. Sometimes is difficult, but it’s always for your best interest. Sometimes when you ask for something new, you may lose something else that you’re not prepared for but it’s always for the highest good in all. Just go with it and trust in the universe’s plan, they know best and the less you resist the better.

Step 6-Do: Gratitude

Always give gratitude to whatever the universe is providing you with. Sure, it may or may not be exactly what you asked for and it may have come with some loss, but in the end, you get what you asked for. Be sure to spend some time in between manifesting to show the universe thanks, it doesn’t matter how you do it just spend some time appreciating it.

Step 6-Don’t: Stop dreaming

Yes, we should always strive to be happy and content with the things we already have in life, but it’s ok to want more out of life. We should always continue to grow and we can always be happier. The universe wants to support that and provide us with those things. No dream is too big or too small. So, keep on dreaming and enjoying the ride along the way!

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