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10 Tips to Maintain a Balanced Chakra

10 Tips to Maintain a Balanced Chakra

Within the meridian are certain areas or “energy centers” called chakras. The chakras are store houses of life force energy. There are 7 “primary” chakras and hundreds of “secondary” chakras that run throughout the body. Each chakra is associated with different aspects of psychological and physical functions. Life force energy flows through our meridians and stored within our chakras. Chakras, are incredibly important. When chakras are imbalanced, it can start to affect us psychically, mentally, and spiritually. Balancing chakras are never easy and can be difficult to maintain balance. My recommendation is to start at your root chakra and work your way up. Here are ten quick tips to use for any chakra:

1. Aromatherapy:

Never underestimate the power of scent. Studies show it’s linked to memory and for centuries believed to cure all kinds of illnesses and disease. Though aromatherapy might not be considered a direct link to balancing Chakras, the key is to identify the problem area then look up the recommended scents. There are some companies that make blended scents to use for related Chakras, but these are usually diluted. When choosing an essential oil, therapeutic grade is the most concentrated and effective. 

2. Color Coordinate:

One of the easiest ways to enhance a chakra is to select things that are associated with the color of the chakra like cloths, food, environment, and objects. In my opinion there are no negative colors, but do pay attention to your reaction when it comes to colors. Most of our reactions to colors are just cultural influences, but intention is everything so do what feels right to you. Color therapy is quick, easy, and magical. If you have ever studied Feng Shui, there are many principles to help Ki energy flow.

3. Crystals & Gemstones:

You can’t talk about chakra healing without mentioning crystals. There is so much information out there about minerals that it can be a little overwhelming at first. When choosing a crystal, I recommend going to your local crystal shop and letting the gemologist know what you’re looking to heal and they’ll direct you in the right direction. You can also color coordinate with the chakra you’re working on, but I encourage you to do a little research because each crystal has different properties. When working with crystals it’s important to know that they help magnify the energy and have their own state of concussions and can be subject to misuse. Always treat them with respect and gratitude.

4. Energy Healing:

Just to name a few of the most common healing modalities, but know that there are many other practices out there. Reiki is one of the most relaxing forms of healing but there’s other methods to restoring the Ki within your body. Any exercise is a great practice. Yoga focuses on moving with the breath so it’s like mediating and working out at the same time. Tai Chi is not exactly related to individual chakras but help with the flow of energy within the body. Studies show that Tai Chi helps with mobility, balance, and reduces falls with the elderly. Acupuncture, more popular in the East and Asia, has similar affects to clear the meridians but tends to not be as relaxing due to the fact that the practitioner is inserting needles into the body.

5. Mantras:

Mantras originally oriented in Hinduism and Buddhism over 3500 year ago. It means to repeat a word to sound repeated to aid concentration is meditation. It’s a statement or slogan that is repeated frequently. The word Om is believed to be the first sound which was spoken by God to help create the Earth. There is a mantra for each of the chakras, but also many more to aid any aspect. There is even symbols related to mantras that archeologist have found carved into rocks. Now a days, almost everyone has seen the symbols related to the chakras. 

6. Meditation:

One of the most important ways to heal anything and receive answers from the universe. It’s often one of the hardest at first, but most rewarding things and gets easier over time. There’s no real wrong way but most people find guided mediations as a good starting point. There are many apps to help you get started like Clam, Headspace, and Lojong. I personally love the app Insight Timer. It has thousands of meditations. You can find friends all over the world (including me) and meditate together, join groups, attend live events, and it’s free to start.

7. Mudras:

Mudras are sacred hand gestures that are believed to direct energy to areas of the body to healed. Most commonly used in Yoga and Buddhism practices, this ancient technique is used as “locks” to guide the energy. It is believed that the hands are an extension of the heart and there’s a hand position for any aspect that you’re trying to heal. In order to reap the full benefits, it is believed that you must incorporate it into your daily routine for fifteen minutes a day, it can be broken up throughout the day.

8. Nature:

Though this is more related to the root chakra, the more grounded we are the more balanced our lives can become. Things like hiking, gardening, cooking, help you appreciate the little things. When you become aware to the fact that everything is connected, you gain a sense of oneness. Mother Earth has the power to transmute any energy into positive. So get outside and appreciate what’s already in your backyard.

9. Positive Affirmations:

Good for people that have an overactive mind or love the idea of a positive mindset. There are so many sayings for any issue. The key is to find something that sounds believable when you say it. Then say it as many times as you like or write it down and place somewhere you’ll see it every day.

10. Sound Healing:

Sound healing like singing bowls, gongs, tuning forks, or music with binaural beats; heal through vibration. Frequencies are measured by wavelengths per second, then identified as hertz (Hz). Higher frequencies have shorter wavelengths that activate the brain cells to Gamma to improve focus. While lower frequencies have longer wavelengths to slow down the brain cells to Delta or Theta to relax the mind. When experimenting with hertz, it’s important to remember that our brain cells start to match the wavelengths. Our brains aren’t created to maintain higher frequencies for long periods at a time, so when working with Gamma, it’s best for shorter time frames. Then working with lower frequencies, our brains are trained to go to sleep when hitting Delta or Theta, this is often why some people fall asleep when meditating.

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