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What to Expect During a Mediumship Reading

What to Expect During a Mediumship Reading

Have you always wanted to reach out to love ones that have passed, but aren’t even sure about what to believe? In this article we ask the ultimate questions about talking to the dead. I know there are so many theories out there and no one really knows for sure what happens to you after you die. I don’t claim to know all the answers, I just know what “those on the other side” have told me. My goal isn’t to challenge anyone’s belief system but to open our minds to the possibility of life after death. Please realize that all Mediums are different in how they provide a session. I will try to address how I prefer to help heal, as well as some other practices. I respect all approaches and love how each one of us is unique.

Psychic vs. Medium

First let’s talk about the difference between a psychic and a psychic-medium. All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums. I do believe that most mediums are born that way, but like psychic skills it takes time to really develop. Every psychic has their specialties and mediumship would be its own category. Some psychics don’t like the idea of talking to the dead. As a medium; they have to be ok with dead people, seeing ways people die, and compassionate enough to translate the messages they’re receiving.

When is a good time to see a Medium?

Unfortunately, only the client can truly answer that question but here are some suggestions. Some mediums have timelines after the death, like me, I don’t suggest having a session right after the persons death. I usually recommend three or more months depending on how much the client is grieving. I know this seems strange, but when a person is grieving too much, Spirit has a hard time communicating to them. The client needs to be clam and open to their messages. Also, everyone needs time to grieve in their own way. I had clients come in for a session and a deceased loved one will come through, but then it’s like they just hang out in the background and they tell me it’s not time yet. This is not a service I recommend gifting to someone. I understand that you might think it will help, but they might not be ready for this kind of experience.

What to do once the session it booked

There’s not much a client needs to do to prepare for their session. One thing I always suggest that if they want to talk to a particular person, sub-consciously invite them in. I believe that all energies need to be invited in on some level. Don’t be surprised if you just start thinking for a loved one that passed out of the blue. Often times they come in as a thought. The best thing a client can do is just to trust, let go of any expectations, and be open to whatever happens. Some mediums will ask you to do rituals or special practices before or after a session, often it’s just how they set intentions or prepare for sessions. In my experiences, the deceased come on their terms and show up when I less expect it, so I don’t find it necessary to do anything extra.

Is it ok to bring others to accompany you?

I used to allow others to join our sessions to put the clients at ease and to offer healing to others that knew the deceased, but over time I noticed somethings would happen. Since there are other people in the room, the messages could be for anyone in attendance or sometimes deceased loved ones of the other person can show up. So, we start communicating with multiple Spirits. This makes it more complex and the clients don’t get as much time as they hoped for with their loved one. Some mediums specialize in large gathering were large number of clients show up in a room hoping to hear from a loved one but only a small number of people actually get picked. Typically, it’s only one person who is actually paying for the session and if they don’t get their time with their loved one it can feel very disappointing.

Once you come in for your session

Don’t be surprised if you start feeling nervous or emotional days leading up to our session. Grief is a tough thing to go through and even if you’ve worked through a lot and you think you’ve healed around the loss of a person there’s always more to heal. Once you come into the office, I do my best to put you at ease and answer any questions you might have about the session. Then, the real healing can begin. Once I start to make a connection with someone, I’ll first start to just gather facts. Thing like what they look like, personality traits, or how they died. I could say something that might seem random to me. Sometimes they show me things that don’t make sense to me but mean the world to you.

Sometimes I use Psychometry

Though I don’t find this necessary, I encourage that a client brings an item or picture of the person they wish to communicate with. I will use this for psychometry, which is thought to hold some of the energy of the person. The trick with this is that if it’s a picture that has other people in it then I might start to pick up energy of the other people as well, which makes it difficult to separate the others and end up with mixed messages. If it’s an item, it has to be something that no else has been using. Example would be if it was a piece of jewelry passed down from generation to generation or you’ve been wearing it, then it has absorbed other people’s energy too and once again provides mixed messages. 

You might not communicate with the person you hoped for

Though this doesn’t happen very often, it can. Sometimes clients come in hoping to communicate with a particular loved one, but then someone else will come through. More often, the loved one will just come with people they know. As disappointing as it is, for both the client and the medium, there’s always a reason for it. Spirit knows what you need to hear and knows who’s the right person for the job is. Everyone just has to trust and know it always makes sense in the end. It doesn’t mean that the client won’t ever be able the communicate with the one they hoped, it just wasn’t the right time or the message you needed to hear from someone else has priority.

Some souls don’t cross into the light

This is always the most difficult thing for everyone involved. Some souls don’t cross over into the light right away. There are many different theories on way this happens. From what Spirit has shown me is that they aren’t suck in hell, but more like limbo. Almost like a computer glitch, where the computer freezes when you’re trying to shut it down or restarting it. I can still communicate with a soul that hasn’t crossed over, but they can’t get passed their death. So, when it comes up during a session, I usually can recognize it early on. At the time, I can’t continue the session and my duties with that soul change. I assure the client that after our session I will help them move on and offer to continue our session with a psychic reading. Some mediums do not feel comfortable performing this service but I truly feel it’s my duty to help lost souls cross over as a public service.

Overall, I suggest to trust yourself to know when the best time for you to have a mediumship reading, Have faith and be open to whoever shows up. Know that the messages you receive will be exacting what you need to hear at that time. Mediumship sessions are an extremely sensitive subject so find a practitioner you really vibe with. Be ready for tears. You care for this person and no matter how long it’s been there’s always another layer to be healed. Most importantly, have fun with it. Just because the persons gone doesn’t mean they’ve left you forever. They love you and continue to support you throughout your life!

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