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What to Expect After A Reiki Healing

What to Expect After A Reiki Healing

Everyone seems to talk about that to expect during a Reiki healing, but you don’t tend to hear too much about what happens to you after the healing. Through this post, my goal is to educate you about the process that you may go though after a Reiki session. We’ll talk about the transition your psychical, mental, and emotional health may experience, what’s “normal”, why you may be having these experiences, and what you should do to continue to heal. Some people don’t feel any different after a session and that’s fine too. Just keep in mind that what you experience is exactly what you need and there is nothing wrong with you, the practitioner, or your session.

Body Cleanse

After a Reiki session you could experience what we call a cleansing process. This typically happens after your first session but it could also happen after any intense healing. Your body is detoxing and is continuing to release blockages. This can could come out a few different ways like headaches, body chills, psychical pain in certain areas, and even cold/flu like symptoms. This happens when blockages have been stored in the body for pro-longed periods of time. Now that those blockages are clearing out, your body is adjusting and it can feel discomforting. The best thing you can do is treat it like a cold. Drink plenty of fluids so you continue to flush out your system, take any over-the-counter medications that you may feel appropriate to help manage the pain, or just take a day or two to rest. It usually passes after a few days.

Emotional Cleanse

Some Reiki Practitioners may give you more intuitive information they may be getting during the healing. This can start a beautiful journey to discovering some of the reasons why the blockages formed in the first place, but it can also shed light on some of the emotions we’ve been trying to suppress. Regardless, your body can no longer harbor those feels and they need to be released one way or another. This tends to come out as mood swings. One minute you may start crying and you don’t even know why, then the next you could feel a sense of peace. For some people, you may not even know why you’re emotional or the smallest things triggers you. People that have been suppressing their emotions their whole life may just feel different and not quite sure what they are feeling, it can be a very confusing time. The best way to get through it is to feel it. Emotions want to be felt, not analyzed. Embrace the fact that your human and have emotions. If you can, try to identify the emotion you’re feeling and label it.

Mental Cleanse

You’ve just been through this amazing journey to heal on a whole new level. Now your brain needs time to process all information that only took your body an hour to go through. You’re coming to the realization that going through life the way you were created the blockages and if you truly want to change now you need to change the way you view life. This is the process that can take the longest. It’s not easy to change the way we think, but with determination and self-reflection you can shape your future. I know that life has its hardships but these are just opportunities for our soul to grow. It’s how we deal with them that builds strength and resilience. The best thing that we can do is start to expand our mind. Start simple like mediation, journaling, opening up to a trusted loved one or a professional to gain different perspective.

Overall, just know that everyone experiences Reiki in their own way and all the things you may experience after is completely what you need in that moment. Be kind to yourself and patient with your healing process. Reiki is not exactly a one time cures all treatment. All things will be reveled in time. Even though you might walk out of your first session with expectations that were or were not met, you got exactly what you needed.

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