Psychic Readings
Psychic Readings

Types of Readings

:30 Minute Akashic Record Tarot Reading

Five cards spread, three topics, past & future

It is believed that the akashic library holds infinite knowledge about all things. Tap into akashic library with this non-traditional tarot deck. First reveal what karma you bring into this life, then three topics of your choice, and finally life mission or future card. This type of reading is best for those who wish to receive guidance about multiple aspects of their lives.


30 Minute Angel Card Reading:

Three cards spread for spirituality

The Keepers of the Light angel card deck created by Kyle Gray is perfect for connecting to your angelic team. Receive messages of hope, love, and guidance from your angels. This type of reading is best for spiritual guidance to reveal your strengthens, challenges, and messages from the heart.


30 Minute Crystal Reading:

Reveal what type of crystal energy you need

Crystal readings are done with over 15 different tumbled stones that are identical in size and shape. Your higher consciousness helps direct your hand to a stone that feels appropriate to you. Psychometry also helps me tune into your energy by holding the crystal. Perfect for receiving guidance and revealing what crystal energy you need to help you along the way.


30 Minute Mediumship Session:

Connect with you loved ones who have pasted

In order to heal, we must first understand that our deceased loved ones are only gone in physical form. With the use of my natural mediumship abilities and even psychometry to connect you to those who moved on. I can receive messages and translate them to bring you peace and hope. To read more please see my blog post What to Expect During a Mediumship Reading.


30 Minute Oracle Reading:

Three cards spread, one topic, general overview

The Enchanted Map Oracle Deck created by Colette Baron-Reid will connect you with your higher consciousness and guide you as you travel along on the journey of life. The themes of these cards represent some of the places you'll visit, conditions you may encounter, and help you navigate a metaphoric map of your journey.


30 Minute Past Life Reading;

One past life revealed with five cards spread

Ever wanted to know if you've had a past life? During this reading we reveal information about a past life and present life lessons, heal behavioral patterns, clear karmic imbalances, and discover past talents. The cards are comprised of five different categories; culture, environment, occupation, life lesson, and how you died. Not only is your past revealed but we connect it to your present life to see how it's still influencing you.


30 Minute Pendulum Reading:

Unlimited specific yes/no/maybe questions

This divination tool is a form of dowsing. Nobody really knows how it works, it just does. Some believe that vibration or God/Source/Spirit make the pendulum swing a certain way. This type of reading is best for answering yes/no/maybe questions. Come with a list of as many questions as you like.


30 Minute Rune Casting

Receive guidance to many different aspects of your life

Runes are the oldest form of divination, over 2,000 years. They're believed to address, but not limited to, more psychologic issues, conflicts, or emotional states needed to be dealt with in order to move forward. This type of reading is best for self-reflection. No questions needed, let the universe guide you to reveal what you need to know.


30min Aura Reading

No tools or expectations - Please try to wear a plain white or black t-shit

Ever wonder what type of vibe you have? Aura reading is best for finding out what type of vibe you're giving off, what chakras are imbalanced, or any trapped energy. This is best for self-reflection.


Dream Interpretation:

One dream Via Email

The art of dream interpretation is here to help you explore your subconscious thoughts through your dreams. Find out what your dreams are trying to tell you to better navigate your waking life. Without judement or withholding information, email me your dream with as much details as possible. Then I will meditate on your dream and email you back with the interpretation. For more information read my blog, 15 Tip to Remember & Reflect on Your Dreams


During readings with clients, I love to support people on their own journey by affirming that we are all able to directly connect to source energy and this infinite love is available to us always. I support clients by connecting them to “God/Source/Spirit” to give them a broader perspective on life. Interpreting the “language of Spirit” is not always easy, since they communicate through energy, sometimes things could be “lost in translation” or it might not always be the exact words Spirit is looking for. When this happens, the reading might not seem quite as accurate and it is always up to the client to determine the best possible outcome for their life. I encourage clients to let me know when things don’t seem to be matching up and welcome feedback during the session. It could be that I’m just interpreting it a different way, Spirit hasn’t revealed everything yet, or there's a block between the practitioner and client. Because free will plays such an important role in our life, possible outcomes are never guarantied. All intuitive information given is for entertainment purposes only. Since the messages are coming from “God/Source/Spirit” I cannot be held responsible for any outcome. I wish you all the best on your journey of life and thank you for letting me be a part of it!

*Must be at least 18yrs old for all readings