The greatest part of my career is the wonderful clients I have the pleasure of meeting every day. I strive myself on building trust and loyalty. My goal is to make my clients feel comfortable, support them along their journey, and help empower them to control of their own destiny. I hold myself to the highest standards of professionalism and a code of ethics in the industry. I want to thank all my clients who take time out of their busy schedule to submit a review. Your voice matters; not only are you helping future clients find the right practitioner for them but also improving the entire experience with your feedback. I am truly blessed and grateful that I get to do this every day with such amazing people!


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Danielle B. - 3/25/23

Highly recommend Janelle for both energy work and card readings! I've had fantastic experiences with her and will definitely be continuing to go back to her in the future.


Erik B. - 2/22/23

Feeling a real spiritual connection during my Reiki/Chakra Cleansing session with Janelle gave me a beautiful energy flow. I've been able to sit with myself more, channel meditation, and even have better nights sleep. Thank you for this experience Janelle. I look forward to continuing this healing process.


Sher V. - 12/29/22

Janelle is the real deal. I will never forget my first session with Janelle. She helped me unblock a lot of stuck and stagnant energies that I felt immediately as soon as I got up from the table. After several sessions, my physical pain also subsided. Besides Janelle's healing abilities, she's also able to isolate her energy from ours. I had felt other practitioners' energies; i.e. breast cancer before disclosure and turbulent energy esp in the heart. When i finally met and worked with Janelle for a while, I know she's my go-to energy healer. After seeing Janelle for over a year, I have noticed her table has transformed into a magical healing table. As soon as I lay down, I feel so peaceful and calm that I don't want to get up even after the session is complete. Highly, highly recommend Janelle!


Tina D. - 8/15/22

I went to Janelle for my first reiki and chakra cleansing and I've been feeling amazing ever since. I was so nervous but she made me feel comfortable. I've noticed a big difference in my mood throughout the day and even sleep. I used to wake up several times throughout the night and sleep from anywhere between 5-6 hours. Now I'm able to sleep so much better and wake up feeling refreshed every time.


Amy A. – 6/29/22

It's almost a year from when I came for my first reiki session and Janelle has become almost like a spiritual mother to me, giving me guidance when I need it. I recently came back in for a 21 day healing which included 3 reiki sessions and some reflective inner work. I have seen drastic change since 3 weeks ago and I only have Janelle to thank! We have strengthened my meditation focus, and some mind set shifts that I was seeking. The reiki itself can feel indifferent but once you leave I promise you will see some amazing changes in those next few weeks. Once again very happy to be back, it's like spiritual therapy!!


Pat B. - 6/25/22

I purchased a 30 minute Reiki/30 minute reading session and had a wonderful experience! Janelle was very informative about the process and she created a safe, comfortable space to address concerns, emotions coming up, and any questions. This was my first time receiving a reiki healing and I found it to be very relaxing and informative, learning about the blockages I have. The reading was insightful. She provided me with encouragement and compassion. I highly recommend and I absolutely will be returning for more of her services. Thank you!


Jude E. - 3/30/22

Janelle was wonderful! This was my first reiki healing, she told me what to expect and made the experience comfortable and relaxing. I also got my chakras balanced, particularly my throat chakra which we had initially spoken about prior to the session. We also spoke to again after the session to talk about how to address balancing my chakras and unblocking them and she had a wealth of knowledge to share. It's been a few days since, and I feel my throat opening up and my energy shifting into something full of positivity and vigor. Thank you Janelle!


Marsha J. - 2/15/22

This was my 4th time seeing Janelle. With the stress of Covid, having to return back to work after two years at home, my children growing up and soon to be leaving the nest I felt like was drowning from all the stress and chaos. After a beautiful reading with the Angel cards and a Reiki healing... Tears flowed and my body became lighter, relieved of all the bad energy and a renewed outlook for myself and a brighter future. Knowing I have Angels watching over me it's just an amazing feeling. One that I could never achieve without Janelle and her gifts. will definitely not wait as long next time to heal my heart and soul. ‍


Matt Seungkyu H. - 2/2/22

I visited Janelle looking for support and insights for my current stage of life. I booked for a 30 min Reiki and 30 min reading session. I felt a lot of tingling sensation and my body would twitch throughout the session. She said it is blockages being released. I felt much lighter after the treatment. Reading was very interesting. She took her time asking…


Claudia I. - 1/14/22

My session with Janelle was beyond my expectations! I'd never had a Reiki session and felt the energy from her hands as she moved across my body. The session brought me to tears, and the experience was remarkable. Janelle is truly gifted and our meeting, I believe was divinely guided. What she shared from the oracle reading gave me such clarity, just as I had hoped. She also followed up to see how I was doing after our session and advised me about certain feelings I might experience later. I look forward to meeting with her again and highly recommend her for her intuitive ability and Reiki session!!!


Colette B. - 11/16/2021

After seeing Janelle for my first reiki session and chakra balancing session - I did notice a big shift in my energy levels and received more inspirational downloads from my higher self.  I did feel like it helped with my anxiety and overall became calmer from my panic attacks. Janelle is very genuine and takes the time to understand you. She gives you a very comfortable space to unload negative energy and recharge with positive energy. Thank you! I plan to book more sessions soon.


Irene C. - 10/23/2021

I had the most amazing session with Janelle! She was so calm, and genuine in her words and the way she expressed her visions to me. I had never done a mediumship before and was not sure about what to expect. She exceeded every question or every feeling I had. I highly recommend her! I felt so much peace as I left!


Nadia H. - 10/6/2021

I would recommend anyone who needs clarity or suffering mentally. The whole process made me feel comfortable and peaceful. It gave me perspective of what I already knew but I just needed that clarity and motivation. After my reiki session she informed my grandmother was always with me and was able to accurately give a description and details about our relationship without even telling her anything. She's the real deal! I will definitely be back!


Angelique C. - 4/23/2021

I've met with Janelle twice now and it was a great experience both times. She is very welcoming , has great calming energy & takes her time explaining everything thoroughly. She also allows you to ask any questions openly. The environment feels safe and relaxing.
I had the pleasure of experiencing a mediumship session with her today. I gave her little to no information and we were able to communicate with three family members that have passed on. She was able to describe physical characteristics as well as how they passed on , it was amazing & more than I had anticipated. I recommend her chakra balancing & reiki sessions as well, you leave feeling calm & recharged simultaneously.


Shannon A. - 2/27/2021

Janelle was so amazing! I was able to make an appointment with ease. I felt so comfortable with her and she made it very easy to understand how everything was going to work with the reiki and reading I had done. She is very accurate and intuitive! I look forward to doing future services and I really appreciate how great the experience was with her!


Rehma N. - 2/7/2021

I was a first timer to reiki healing and chakra balancing and Janelle made my experience one to remember. We started off with some briefing and paperwork and then began my reiki healing session with a guided meditation. I was comfortable and relaxed and immediately felt a lot better when she was done. After the healing and balancing Janelle did a wonderful job of explaining all her findings and things I can continue in order to help in my daily life. She is very genuine and keen to help her clients. Now go make your appointment!


Adriana O. - 2/5/2021

Janelle is AMAZING! This was my first time experiencing Reiki and I had no idea what to expect. Janelle made me feel super comfortable, answered any questions I had, and explained the whole process and more! I have never experienced anything like this before and am sooooo glad I chose to give it a try! Janelle is a true healer. I am so excited to continue working with her and would highly recommend her and her services!


Tina B. - 11/23/2020

I had such an invigorating and revitalizing experience in a Reiki session with Janelle a couple weeks ago. I am still feeling more balanced, centered, and my energy is in a better state of flow to this day. Not only is the experience so tranquil and relaxing, but I also could feel my energy blockages being cleared away. It was so peaceful. I highly recommend trying a session, especially if you haven't tried any type of energy healings before, as Janelle is very intuitive and educational. I have much respect and gratitude to her as a professional healer. I have been recommending her and sharing my magical experience with friends and family. This is the ultimate self-care experience especially if you're in a stressful profession. I'm already booking another session.


Brigette L. - 11/10/2020

I came to Janelle for my very first reiki session and am glad I did. I felt very comfortable as she was very easy to talk to and understanding of what I was trying to accomplish with my session and visit. She took her time and helped to bring me understanding, relief and clarity after the reiki session and Oracle card reading. I've felt much better and more relaxed ever since my session and look forward to my next session. Also her pricing for services is very reasonable. Highly recommend seeing her for services offered.


Brandy G. - 10/16/2020

I recently went to my first reiki experience pretty nervous at first because I didn't know what to expect but my aunt and cousin highly recommended going to Janelle for a spiritual healing & I can't thank them enough for introducing me to her. She made me feel so warm and welcoming throughout the entire process and answered every question I had. My heart is filled with so much joy/ gratitude and I felt such a sense of peace during our session and afterwards too. If you've been feeling down and not yourself lately or just need help with balancing out your chakras like I did, I highly recommend checking her out. I will definitely be going back and bringing my relatives!


Vanessa A. - 8/13/2020

Janelle was the sweetest and most professional healer. She's very knowledgeable and answered every question or concern I had about our experience together with ease and care. I highly recommend giving her a chance to transform your life.