Policy & Disclaimer
Policy & Disclaimer


Company Policies:

We accept all forms of payment including credit card, cash, Venmo, and Zelle. All sales are final. All Clients must fill out a standard consent form required by the state of California for Reiki services. Mobile services have an additional $20 fee and require that we have had a previous session. You must live within 10 miles radius of my office or pay a $0.50 fee per additional mileage. The client is responsible for providing the space and privacy needed for services. All services are followed by a strict code of ethics and all Reiki services are in accordance with California State Law SB-577. Readings provided by Intuitive Wanderer are for entertainment purposes only and it is up to the client/s to use their best judgement on how to navigate their own life. Services with Intuitive Wanderer have no guarantee and are not responsible for any outcomes that might occur. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. If the practitioner feels uncomfortable for any reason the session will end immediately. If the practitioner has any suspicion that the client is under the influence of drugs or alcohol the session will end immediately. By booking an appointment the client/s are agreeing the all the terms and conditions.


Appointment Policies:

Services are by appointment only and require 24hrs for all cancellations and rescheduling or there is a fee. Please be respectful of other people's time and try to give notice as early as possible. If the client cancels/reschedules and does not give advance notice they will be charged a 50% fee or any vouchers will be redeemed. If the client doesn't give any notice and fails to show up for the appointment, then they will be charged 100% fee. If this happens multiple times, then the client will have to pre-pay in advance and it will be non-refundable. When a client fails to show up not only does it cost the office time and money, it also delays scheduling for other clients, but more importantly they are also breaking a commitment to themselves and "God/Source/Spirit". If the client is late for their appointment, then the session still falls within the allotted time slot. If the client is late more then 15mins then it will interfere with the length of the session and may have to be cut short. The client is still responsible for the pre-designated time. Appropriate time is needed in between sessions for the practitioner. If the practitioner is ever late, the session still lasts the designated time or the session is pro-raided. If the practitioner ever needs to reschedule an appointment, 24hrs notice will be given unless an unexpected emergency comes up. If this happens, the client's next session will be discounted. If a client is ever in need for an after hours session there will be 25% added to the total bill. Appointment reminders are sent out the day before as a courteous, but the client is still responsible for knowing their appointment.


Appointment Reminders:

As a courtesy, Intuitive Wanderer sends confirmation reminders via text or email for all appointments the day before. Please respond to the RSVP to confirm or cancel the appointment. It is the client's responsibility to make note of their appointment and give at least 24hrs notice if any changes are needed. If a client reschedules or cancels in less than 24hrs they are responible for any fees. As a courtesy to our business, we would greatly appreciate advance notice if any changes are needed for the appointment as soon as possible for other clients that are interested in that time slot. Appointments are not cancelled unless confirmed by both parties.


Office Procedures:

All clients must fill out and sign a standard consent form required by the state of California, so please try to arrive 5-10mins early. If you wish to get started on your paperwork ahead of time, click here. Feel free to conserve paper by printing on both sides or emailing it. Once in the office, I briefly walk you through on what to expect during your session and answer any questions you may have. Then you will have the opportunity to discuss any concerns, areas that you wish to target, or things you might be going through. Please note that you may utilize your time how you see fit, but the practitioner must stick to a schedule. Healing appointment end approximately 10-15mins before so the practitioner has time to go over any findings and discuss appropriate action to take.


Confidentiality Agreement:

At Intuitive Wanderer we hold the highest regard in standards to confidentiality for both the clients and the practitioner. Information shared during sessions are private and may not be shared outside the session by either the client or the practitioner. If a client and a practitioner happen to see each other outside the office the practitioner will not acknowledge the client first, in order to respect the client's privacy. However, the client is welcomed to acknowledge the practitioner if they so choose. Recording and pictures of any kind are not permitted without consent of both parties. All content captured within the premises of the building is for private use only. It may not be shared with others or posted on any internet or social media platform. If content is permitted by both parties, then it is for private and entertainment purposes only. If both parties agree to release any media content to the public or third parties then it must be approved, documented, and signed by everyone involved. If any content is release to the public or third parties without written consent by all involved the person/s responsible for releasing the content will be held for legal liability to the fullest extent of the law.


Release of Liability:

Intuitive Wanderer is a shared office building with numerous other businesses. Therefore, it is not Intuitive Wanderer's responsibility for managing the property. The client and any other person visiting the property accepts any and all risks involved with participating in services. The client agrees that Intuitive Wanderer or any affiliation with the company will not be held liable for any and all damages or injuries of any kind resulting from, including but not limited to, direct, indirect, incidental, special, negligent, consequential, or exemplary damages or injuries happening from participation in activities, being on property grounds, or use of materials provided. The client accepts all risks and releases all liability in or surrounding the premises.


Copyright & Trademark:

Intuitive Wanderer is a registered trademark of the United States of America. Intuitive Wanderer reserves all rights, including but not limited to, use of name, logo, social media accounts, and copyright of any and all information provided for public access, knowledge, and social media post. Intuitive Wanderer and Janelle Magdaleno reserve the right to take legal action to the fullest extent of the law at any/all violator/s expense.


Reiki Healing:

What is Reiki®? Reiki® is a Japanese relaxation technique. This energy healing is form of complementary health care practices, which have been found to enhance the body's ability to heal itself physically, mentally, and spiritually. Reiki is welcoming for all ages, but we encourage 30min healings if under the age of 16yrs old.


What Reiki® is not… Your practitioner is not a licensed physician, and Reiki® does not require licensing by the state. They are meant to be a complement to “healing arts services licensed by the state”; i.e., they are a complement to traditional Western medicine provided by doctors, nurses, and other licensed medical professionals. Through Reiki is not a substitute for physical or mental illnesses, it can work in conjunction to help in the healing process. Any concerns should be discussed with a licensed physician. To learn more about Reiki click here. 


Psychic Readings:

Must be at least 18yrs old. During readings with clients, I love to support people on their own journey by affirming that we are all able to directly connect to source energy and this infinite love is available to us always. I support clients by connecting them to “God/Source/Spirit” to give them a broader perspective on life. Interpreting the “language of Spirit” is not always easy, since they communicate through energy, sometimes things could be “lost in translation” or it might not always be the exact words Spirit is looking for. When this happens, the reading might not seem quite accurate and it is up to the client to determine the best possible outcome for their life, I encourage clients to let me know when things don’t seem to be matching up. It could be that I’m just interpreting it a different way, Spirit hasn’t revealed everything yet, or there's a blockage. Because free will plays such an important role in our life, possible outcomes are never guarantied. All intuitive information given is for entertainment purposes only. Since the messages are coming from “God/Source/Spirit” I cannot be held responsible for any outcome. I wish you all the best on your journey of life and thank you for letting me be a part of it!


Client Acknowledge & Consent to Receive Services

In order to use Janelle’s services, California state law requires that you acknowledge receipt of the information provided in this form and that you sign it. You will be provided with a copy for signature at your first visit if requested. Janelle will keep the original in her records for three (3) years.

  • You will discuss with Janelle any concerns I have about the nature of the service that she will be providing.

  • If you experience any discomfort during the session(s), they agree to immediately inform Janelle.

  • You understand that Janelle is not a licensed physician or phycologist and that the alternative services that she will be providing to me are not licensed by the State of California.

  • You understand that it is your responsibility to maintain a relationship for myself and/or child with a medical physician, psychologist, and/or licensed professional.

  • You understand that Reiki® is not a substitute for medical treatment or medications. They are aware that Janelle does not diagnose illness or disease nor does she prescribe medications or recommend supplements. They understand that any suggestions that are provided to me are for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as a diagnosis or recommendation against the advice of a licensed physician or mental health professional.

  • If requested, I have been provided with a copy of consent form and/or California Senate Bill SB-577.                             

  • You understand that any information provided by Janelle is for entertainment purposes only. It is my responsibility to determine what's best for your life path. Janelle is just the conduit and is not responsible for any outcomes.

  • You have consented to use the services offered by Janelle, and I agree to be personally responsible for her fees in connection with the services provided. I will provide at least 24hr notice for cancellations or will be responsible for 50% fee or if no notice is given 100% fee.

  • You have read and understand the above guidelines and disclosure about the services, treatments, and techniques offered by Janelle as well as her training and education.

Client Acknowledgment:

By book an appointment you consented to use the services offered by Janelle, and you have agreed to be personally responsible for her fees in connection with the services provided. The client has read and understand the above disclosure regarding the service(s) that the client will be receiving from Janelle Magdaleno.